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9915 Power Unit9915 Power Unit


Price $537.00


  • Voltage: 120

  • Water Lift: 120"

  • CFM: 116

  • Air Watts: 549

  • Amperage: 13.6

  • Dirt Capacity: 3 Gallons

  • Dimensions: 36"H X 11.5"W

  • Motor size: 7.2", 2 Stage

  • Warranty: 5 Years

The square shape of the Budd 9915 central vacuum power unit results in superior separation. The dirt falls down into the canister and stays there when the machine is turned on.

The self cleaning cloth filter of the Budd 9915 has a built-in paddle to shake the cloth. A few taps on the cloth with the paddle will keep the cloth clean, avoiding loss of suction. The cloth is permanent and not removed for cleaning. The Budd Model 9915 Central Vacuum System is designed to remove dust and allergens..






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