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  • It Pays For Itself
    Your one-time investment in a Budd Vacuum System is competitive with the cost of all the vacuums, brooms and lug-around junk you won't need anymore. And, it costs less than having someone clean your home every other week.

  • It Makes Your Home a Healthier Place
    With a Budd Vacuum, dust particles are not re-circulated through your home. When you use an old fashioned lug-around, you can smell the dust and see recirculated particles in the sunlight. Your Budd System vents everything outdoors, just like a clothes dryer.
  • It Increases The Value Of Your Home.
    A Budd System is a home improvement that pays you back with savings.
  • It's Convenient
    There's nothing to lug around. Just plug in a lightweight hose and dust and dirt disappear.
  • Unequalled Performance.
    Your power unit hangs on the wall. There are no space or weight limitations. This makes it possible to use a large, powerful motor, which is designed to last.
  • Allergy Sufferers
    A Budd System helps remove
    • Mold
    • Spores
    • Dust
    • Dander
    • Mites



  • With an ordinary vacuum, fine dust particles pass right through and return to the room. Filter and bags on portables simply do not trap all of the fine dust particles. The dust particles that re-enter the room settle on the furniture and carpets and linger in the air you breathe.

  • With the Budd Central Cleaning System, every particle of dust and dirt that is picked up is carried away to the central power unit. The dirt is collected in an easily removed canister.

  • Microscopic dust is vented outdoors along with germs and odors.




                         445 West Main Street, Wyckoff, N.J. 07481
                          1-800-245-BUDD 201-891-3010 Fax 201-891-7901

                          Email  budd@buddvac.com






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