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  • It's a one-day job to install

  • No mess

  • Save money by buying one

  • Makes your home a healthier place

  • Never buy another lug around vacuum

  • Adds value to your home

  • Avoid the need for a cleaning service

  • Won't paint as often

If you install a Budd Built-in-Vacuum System yourself, it is a weekend project for most people and the cost of materials and attachments is between $700 and $900. The installation is mostly a matter of running lightweight plastic tubing. You do not have to be an electrician or a plumber. The wiring is low voltage thermostat wire. We even carry a wireless system, which operates like a garage door opener.

The number of holes that have to be drilled are no more than twice the number of inlets. After the holes are in, it is just a matter of cutting and gluing the plastic tubing.

The number of hours used to make the installation will be less than the cleaning hours saved in a matter of months.

Once the system is in, the time and money savings begin and continue for the life of your home.

Give yourself and your spouse a break. Over a relatively short time, a Budd System does not cost. IT PAYS!










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