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During World War II, civilian goods like home appliances were not being manufactured. When the war was over, a neighbor had a dishwasher installed in her existing kitchen counter. When my wife saw it, she ordered one. Pretty soon, dishwashers were all over the neighborhood. The dishwasher became standard equipment, like a sink or a toilet.

In 1953, we moved into an old stone house built in 1710. It was a hard house to keep dusted. I can remember writing my initials in the dust on the dining room table. Even though my wife is crazy clean, the dust kept coating the furniture as fast as she could vacuum it with our Hoover Constellation.

Whenever we vacuumed, you could see the dust particles floating in the sunlight. There was also a tell tale odor throughout the house. So we decided to make a built in vacuum. It was made from a water pail and a seven-gallon can. The unit hung in the basement. We ran pipe through closets and cabinets. There was an exhaust to the outside.

As soon as we got it running, we vacuumed the entire cellar including the beams. Then we cleaned every part of the house. The first thing we noticed was that the dining room table stopped gathering dust. It was not necessary to dust very often to keep the house dust free.

Friend and neighbors asked us to make a unit for them. Before long, we were in business.

The experience with the dishwasher made us believe that our built-in vacuum would be a standard in every home, like a dishwasher or clothes dryer. We had a product that was a real time saver, was very powerful, and made a cleaning service unnecessary. The house was cleaned to perfection. It made the house a healthier place, and it literally paid for itself in savings.

People who do not have a built in system think that it is a luxury for rich people who have a housekeeper in a palatial home. Fortunately the Budd Vacuum Cleaner was designed for people who clean their own homes. In a three-bedroom house, a very good do-it-yourself system is available for only $750. The Budd Vacuum does for housecleaning what the clothes washer does for laundry.

Our customers who live in luxury homes swear by our equipment and recommend us all the time. But the fact is that no matter what size home you have, new or old, you will benefit by having a Budd Vacuum.

A Budd system does not recirculate any dust. All dust is vented outside. This means that you dust far less often and make your home a healthier place.

Many people who live in these medium-size homes do not want to spend money for a cleaning person. They can have the cleaning service come much less often and save the cost of a Budd system in the first year.

When you install your own Budd system, your cost is equal to the cost of many quality lug-around systems. Many people install one in a day or a weekend.

Fifty years have gone by, but we still believe that every home will require a Budd Vacuum System.

If you are still wondering if a Budd system is affordable and easy to install in your existing home, let us give you an estimate.

Over the years we have seen that it is possible to provide all our customers with the best central cleaning systems without having to offer a wide array of different models and gadgets. We have always told our customers the whole truth when we present and quote our systems.

Most products are designed with planned obsolescence in mind. They make it necessary for the customer to come back periodically for a filter or a tune up. Budd's motors do not last forever and have to be replaced over time. But the vast majority of our customers from the 1960s and 1970s are still using the same hose, the same machine and the same pipes.




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